A woman who is focused on her future won’t be buying hair worth Ghc1,500, men be careful about such ladies – Wife Material


Wife material has cautioned all ladies who spend huge sums of money on their hair.

Wife material using the name Faillait on Twitter says she can’t fathom why women would prefer to spend so much on their hair.

She said men should be careful of the ladies because they will do them more harm than good.

In one post, she wrote:

“A woman that’s focused about her future won’t be buying a hair worth of 100K. You’re buying hair worth of 100K when you can use that money for a professional course. Men you should be wary of women like this, they don’t mean you well.”

Her post sparked a huge backlash and a heated debate. Read a few comments on it below:

  • Eleribu the hair on your head is how much
  • You don’t decide for people what to do with their money , if you can afford it then go for it 👌
  • The irony in this tweet, babe is wearing a good hair 🙄😀😀😀😀
  • Well her net worth should determine dt,as long as she can comfortably afford it, I see no problem with it, it only becomes a problem if she’s a liability 🤷🏿‍♂️
  • Madam what you’re putting on is double drawn 26” or 28”and it’s expensive so pack one side …

  • Some people will just open der mouth waaaaaaaaaaa and be talking rubbish nar still her go buy hair of one million werey dey disguise 🙄
  • She’s wearing 50k hair oo….. if you can afford it please wear bone straight 30inches💯
  • How much is the hair on your head too 😏😏 is that not human hair? If anyone can afford it leave them Biko!! Don’t teach people how to leave their life
  • You see this lekki girls. Their aim is to wake up in the morning and wear white pants and bra twerk and wait for yahoo boys and sugar daddies. No single plans for the future

See the screenshot below:

Wife Material

Source: Celebritiesbuzz.com.gh


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