Another Ghanaian US based Pastor fights wife over signing of divorce papers, sends her death threaths


There’s a viral video on social media that captures a hot exchange of words between a man believed to be a Pastor and his wife called Betty.

From the video, the Pastor was asking his wife Betty to sign divorce papers by force. Betty on the other hand refused because according to her, she has invested a lot in the man that he can’t just pay her back with evil.

Apparently, the Pastor who’s the dark stout man in the video below was living in Ghana but Betty did all she could for him to go over to America.

After getting there, things were worked out for him to get his Green papers. So after getting the needed documents, he’s now asking to opt out of the marriage.

It’s just seeming as if the pastor pretended to love Betty all along just for his selfish interest.

Betty who could be heard at the background rained curses on him. Her curses provoked the Pastor and he started making threats.

Family members of Betty who were around warned him that should anything happen to their sister, he would be held responsible.

Watch the video below:

This situation reminds us of Pastor Sylvester Ofori who shot and killed his wife Barbara simply because she endured an abusive marriage and finally opted for a divorce when she realised enough was enough’.


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