Bipolar Funny Face Returns to His Senses After Birth of His Daughter – Apologizes to His Baby Mama


Ghanaian comic actor Funny Face has apparently returned to his senses and apologized for his insane behaviour over the past few weeks.

In a new post on Instagram, Funny Face apologizes to his baby mama Vanessa, her parents and everyone else he has insulted during his wild rants of the past few weeks.

Funny Face over the past couple of weeks has taken all the headlines as he fought his own baby mama in the public sphere.

The mother of his twins has been as his erratic behaviour got even worse. It was embarrassing especially as the lady was pregnant with another kid for him whilst he bathed her with insults in public.

That forced the lady to even come out and speak with her near term pregnancy to respond to Funny Face and reveal he was abusing her.

Having now , Funny Face has immediately realized he needs to be able to see his new child and he can’t do that if he keeps demonizing his wife in the media.

He has now decided he’s going to apologize but I doubt that’s going to help him at all. His behaviour has been very abhorrent and if he’s not mentally ill then he’s just a very unpleasant human being.



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