Bulldog Stirs Controversy, Says Papi Of 5Five Fame Went to Benin For Charms Before He ‘Blew’


Bulldog and controversies are bedfellows so we guess most of you won’t be surprised that this is coming from him.

The famed artiste manager and entertainment pundit said his former signee went to Benin, a country in West Africa famed for black magic for charms to bolster his musical career. He made this jaw-dropping statement on Nana Ama Bcbrown’s ‘Mcbrown Kitchen’ show.

When Nana Ama Asked him if he’s not afraid his wild statement will get him sued by the artiste, he said his statement is true so there’s nothing to be afraid of. “I am the one who trained Papi of 5-Five group how to rap. I left him on the streets to go back to school, but by the time I came back, he had taken the rap to a different level. He went to Benin, I think it was for spiritual backing.”

He continued; “If he decides to sue I will be the one to be sued for this statement. I don’t know what he used the spiritual backing for but Papi went to Benin way before others discovered it.”





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