Davido tests negative for coronavirus after undergoing another test


2 days ago it came out that Nigerian singer, songwriter and record producer. Davido born David Adedeji Adeleke had tested positive for coronavirus (Covid-19).

The news after it went viral had many of his fans calling out wanting to know the real truth behind his positive status of the COVID-19 as they were confused though very expectant because his fiancee had tested positive, he confirmed.

The Nigerian music star upon several fan base requests he has again undergone a second coronavirus test and this time around he tested negative.

He took to his official Twitter handle to share the news to his fans and others it may concern.

He Tweeted; “I did a second test for the covid19 virus again …. once again I’m Negative ….



In a separate Tweet, he urged his fans that together they will beat this virus and thanks to them for the support they showed him till date.



His son Ifeanyi has not tested positive and his fiancee is in a better condition and has not showed any sign after testing positive, Davido accounted.


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