Delay Angrily Fires Back After A Fan Said her Fat Face and Boobs Show She’s Pregnant


Deloris Frimpong Manso aka Delay has hit out at a fan for claiming that she’s currently pregnant.

Delay slammed the fan as a ‘womb watcher’ and said she’s not pregnant and should be left alone.

There is no Ghanaian celebrity whose marriage and fertility status causes discussion like Delay.

Because she keeps everything private, we’re always left with trying to guess and read her posts to decode when she got married or gave birth.

Fans have also turned themselves into super detectives in this same way.

Delay recently posted a photo on her IG looking fresh and posh.

A fan commented on the photo that Delay’s fat face and boobs show that she’s pregnant again but the Delay Show host was not having it.

“Womb watchers, too early for the drama. Leave me alone. I am not pregnant 😡😡😡 Stop chasing me in my dm and under my posts. I’m trying to concentrate!” she fired.



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