Did Mzbel Just Threaten To Murder AK Songstress Because She Has Anger Issues?


started their own beef over the weekend.

It all came into be when Mzbel accused AK Songstress of stealing one of her songs titled ‘Nkomo’.

Mzbel disclosed that she would make sure her lawyers deals with AK and her manager for what they have done, stealing her intellectual property and passing it off as their own.

who was the least perturbed about Mzbel’s threats said she would be waiting for Mzbel’s baby lawyers and what they have for her, literally saying that she did not steal any song from Mzbel.

It has been radio silence on that since then until we saw this from Mzbel’s Instagram timeline.

The mother of two says the mere fact that she is not reacting to beef or avoiding drama does not mean she is scared. says she has anger issues which could result in murder if she does not control it.

Is it just us or this can be misinterpreted as a murder threat?


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