Did you put ’Maggi”’ Cube In your ‘Distin’- Man Asks During Sweet «атора» Video;


Amazing and 2019 could be tagged as the Year of Atupa as more and more videos keep dropping, with the count of leaked, In a new video trending on Whatsapp, a young boy who ‘benged’ his girl couldn’t believe the sweetness of her ‘distin’ so asked her if she put some maggi in there.

Those who have watched this new tape describe it as “Hilarious” after watching it because fo the expression on the man’s face as he enjoyed the sweetness of the girl.

We still can’t fathom why people record tapes knowing very well that, it could leak and that could tarnish their image.

For us, not that we find delight in reporting such stories, but we do so to let others know that it’s dangerous to record such tapes, as if it leaks, people wouldn’t skip asking others for it.

In the video, the faces of the couple is not seen, but the man is seen giving the woman the ‘do**y style’ and the sound of him thrusting in and out is heard, then as he hits harder, he’s heard saying, “Wow, today your ‘distin’ has become too sweet oo, did you put some maggi in there. Oh yeah, it’s soo sweet.


See some reactions from Ghsplash WhatsApp  group:

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