Driver ants attack slay queen while shooting nvde photography in the forest [Watch]


Social media is currently buzzing after a video of a Slay Queen attack by driver ants in the forest surfaced online.

It is common knowledge that Africans, especially the women are well endowed; mentally, spiritually and physically. The physical aspect, however, is often talked about and praised everywhere.
While there are some women who tend to do the hard work regardless of how pretty they may be , others prefer to use their bodies to make money rather than work.

This is why a video of a brainless and well endowed slay queen has since gone viral on the internet.

The Instagram slay queen from Mombasa, who is a popular face in dating sites where she hawks flesh and sells nvdes to s£x starved men, went to the forest to shoot n¶k£d photos and it turned out to be a bad day in ‘office’.

As she was pulling some stunts in the forest while half-naked, ants emerged from the blues and spoilt the party.

The flesh peddling slay queen had to run to a safer place after the ants started devouring her legs.

Since it was shared on Wednesday, the video has gathered over 30K views, and people were left with a case of the giggles.

Have a look :


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