Ewurama, the lady who broke the doctor’s heart finally speaks; video drops


Ewurama, girlfriend of the pharmacy technologist who was recently seen in a viral video weeping after suffering a heartbreak has finally spoken in a new video.

Some days ago, a viral video was showing a doctor suffering from a broken heart and was crying his heart out like he was on the verge of dying after a girl he claimed he has dated for eight years dumped him with no tangible excuse.

The doctor made it known to Ghanaians, depicting that the girl was the bad person in their relationship but after listening from both sides, it can conclude that they both had their bases wrong and misunderstanding couldn’t work due to anger hence the break up.

However, according to new video sighted, the lady explained that what was said by the pharmacist was untrue, adding that it was only a misunderstanding that happened between the both of them which eventually arose the emotional part of her boyfriend.

She made it known in the video that she still loves Christian but he has not been picking her calls after the incident happened so anyone closer to him should speak to him on her behalf because her heart still beats for him.

Conclusively, she said since their issue hit the media, she has been receiving alot of ill comments about herself and many others are calling her all sort of names which kills her soul.

Watch her speak in the snippets of video below;


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