Father shares photo of his newly born baby who has tested positive for Coronavirus


A newly born baby has tested positive for Coronavirus as shared by his father on Twitter.

The young man seemed so worried all day since he was told by the doctors handling his kids.

Luwk also said his baby has been diagnosed of pneumonia and defected trachea too.

“Today, my gorgeous boy was rushed to hospital, he’s currently got pneumonia and been tested for Covid-19 and in isolation with his mummy. We found out he has a defected trachea too which will need surgery. I can’t get to him and I’m broken.”

Luwk advised all to be cautious of their moves because Coronavirus is a no respecter age or gender.

“It isn’t private when people think it’s just a “flu” people are so naive and don’t think it’s as bad people make out. I in fact posted this tweet to prove the virus doesn’t care who you are, anyone can be a victim, even children as many people/media have mentioned couldn’t be,” – he wrote.

See The Screenshots Below:


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