Furious Reggie Rockstone hunts for fan who threatened to gang-rape his daughter [Video]


A popular Reggie Rockstone has vented his anger over a sexual statement a fan has passed about his daughter.

According to the Hip Life legend in Ghana, he was addressing matters emanating from his back and forth with Shatta Wale and realised a fan listening to his interview passed on a sɛxual harassment statement about his daughter.

“You got the wrong Dude, Your f**king with the wrong guy. You ever f**king mention my kids and I’ll find you, catch you and cut your head off. All that social media beef that’s not it, you are a f**king paedophile. What kind of man comes on Twitter and say some bullsh*t. You talk about ganging raping my six-year-old daughter, f**k you three times” the 55-year-old said.

In a video, angry Reggie Rockstone shared a picture of the guy with a screenshot of his comment, asking fans to help him locate the guy.

He added that he believes the guy has been engaging in similar sex crimes and must be arrested.

Reggie Rockstone’s little daughter appeared in his previous footage when he was addressing comments Shatta Wale made about him that he hasn’t made any impact with his music.

He asked his daughter to say hello to Shatta and the little girl shoved off his request. He later explained that his daughter is a Stonebwoy fan, unlike her mother who is a fan of Shatta Wale.

Mysteriously, the social media user who passed the sexual harassment comment about Reggie Rockstone’s daughter has reached out to him.

The Hip Life legend has also deleted the video in which he requested for the details of the fan over legal advice from fans. However, he has not forgiven him.

Watch the video below:


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