Ghanaian nurse assaulted by some Military men in Kumasi


Cecilia Awinsongya, a Ghana nurse has accused Military men in Kumasi of assaulting her whilst going home from work in uniform.

According to the lady whiles on her way home from work, she was assaulted by military men tasked to enforce the lockdown in Kumasi.

She took to Facebook to register her displeasure about her ordeal in the hands of these unidentified Military men in Kumasi.

She shared this together with a picture depicting the bruise on her body to prove that she is not indeed framing up;


”Today am very sad ,i don’t know what was my fault, for being in uniform and still assaulted by a military man today when I closed from work. Did the president really told the military men to come to Kumasi to beat us including health workers who r working tirelessly day and night risking the lives to save the lives of people. Pls friends and family pls help me to share this pictures to reach the media houses n the various stakeholders to fight for our rights,I don’t think military men have to put the laws into their hands to abuse people like common crimals.”

The sudden surge reported cases of assault by some Military men amid this lockdown is becoming unbearable. To avoid any form of humiliation or whatsoever STAY HOME! My humble plea to you.

Meanwhile lets all adhere to the various health protocols and keep ourselves safe, Ghana needs you alive. Stay locked her on for more.


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