Ghanaians Blast Clemento Suarez For Having A Private Wedding While Forcing His Fans To Buy Tickets For His Shows


Ghanaian comic actor and Musician, Clemento Suarez recently tied the knot with his long time girlfriend at a very private ceremony which still managed to get social media attention.

Known for always sparking controversy, some people thought it was all a hoax but this time round, the wedding seems to be real. This is because his closest pal, Lawyer Ntim was part of his grooms men and multiple sources confirmed that Clemento Suarez indeed tied the knot with his girlfriend, Sylvia.

Well, some fans of Clemento Suarez were pissed that he made the ceremony a private one.

They argued that Clemento used to force them to pay money to come and watch his comic shows but he refused to invite them to celebrate with him on his happy day.

Others even said it was a low budget wedding and not a private one as reported.

These fans promised to never attend any of shows for failing to invite them.

What doesn’t make sense is, a wedding is a celebration between two families so it is not such a big deal to invite a lot people.

Besides the covid-19 pandemic has forced the government to put certain measures in place to make sure less people are infected with the virus.

Another reason Clemento made it a private ceremony was to cut down cost on the number of people who would come.

Whatever his reason, we wish him all the best in his marriage life!

See some screenshots of the comments below;


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