Here’s a Breakdown Of Ball J’s #Lullaby Diss Song To Sarkodie


Renowned music producer and rapper, Ball J has taken Sarkodie, a.k.a The Highest to the cleaners with a diss song which is a reply to Sark’s SubZero diss to him and couple of artiste in Ghana.

Ball J, the cool, calm and collected rapper came out from his shell with a fiery diss which according to social media users is a knockout to sarkodie. According to Ball J, Sarkodie and his fans won’t understand the song because it’s in english. This was the first punch to Obidi since he is known for twi rap only. He described Sark as a tool in his math set but definitely not the ruler he thinks he is. “Lets talk about money first, I mean. The paper not the rapper don’t run away n***”. This line from ball means that Sark fears to battle rappers who rap in english language.

He went on to destroy Sarkodie by saying, “You can’t give nobody shine you ain’t bright enough”, meaning Sarkodie can’t give anyone shine when he’s not bright enough himself. One particular line social media user and music enthusiast believe he got it right is when he said “One way diss, only two punches, obi mpɛ hype aa na obi yɛ broke” meaning Sark is a “one way” rapper and has no new style style.

The rapper motivated underground to step up their game in the music industry, he said “To my new school rappers who are underground, nobody has to die before you wear the crown“. This rubbishes Stoneboy’s claim that it will take more than 40 years for new artist to reach the height they have reached.


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