I Choose Dancehall over Gospel due to Fornication – Queen Haizel


Upcoming Dancehall artist Queen Haizel disclose her main reason of doing dancehall out of all other genres.

In an interview hosted by Forster on eTV Ghana the artist was asked why she did not choose to do any other genres like Gospel, afro beats or RnB and her reply was very bold and clear saying there are a lot of things she considered which includes Fornication.

The host now asked her if leading a gospel session will be a problem to herand she answered  “ l can but I wouldn’t. It’s not that I don’t like God but I feel like when I do gospel, I’m not supposed to fornicate and do other minor things but if I choose to do gospel, I’ll still be doing those things and it will be like I’m deceiving God and myself”.

She continued by saying she don’t want to preach something in her song and practice a different one, however she is not going to be doing only dancehall but will instead change to other genres when the need arises.


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