“I never believed in sarkodie when he started music”- Tracy confesses.


The wife of rapper Sarkodie has been hailed so many times for being by his side through thick and thin to date, but it came as a shock to most of us when she confessed that she did not believe in Sarkodie when he started doing music.

She revealed in a question and answer section with fans that, she knew Sarkodie was very passionate about music but she did not take him seriously on that.

A fan asked: “did you believe in King Sark(ur husband)?bout him doing music?? #SrAskTracySarkCess”

And Tracy replied: “I don’t think I took it serious even though I knew he was passionate Abt it. Till I saw him in action at Kasahari, a couple of performances & his 1st album he gave me. Have forgotten the title of that album. it was before “Makye” album. still I never thought he would be this big”.


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