Jackie Appiah flaunts her luxurious living room in latest video


Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah seems to have found something that is working for her in this global boredom of self-isolation.

Jackie Appiah seems to have grabbed the Tik tok app and made it some kind of her property as she keeps serving her fans some interesting and stress-relieving videos of herself as she quarantines indoors just like others in Ghana, as the country observes a lock down.

In her latest Tik Tok video, she was captured shading a man who was stingy with his knowledge in school whilst studying in the same class.

According to the beautiful brand influencer, the former classmate has become a poor after all the show off he made in class years ago.

The mother of one showed off her luxurious living room to shame the former classmate.

Again, she has taken to social media to drop another.

In this very video, Jackie is seen blasting a guy who supposedly was everything quick, smart and sharp during school days but he’s now poor.

Check her video below:


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