Joe Mettle to marry Berla Mundi after dating for seven months


Rumours on social media suggest the next celebrity couple would be Gospel singer, Joe Mettle, and Tv presenter, Berla Mundi.

Well, we finally know and are certain on whom he will be getting married to.

Joe Mettle and Berla Mundi reportedly making plans to tie the knot and become husband and wife once the coronavirus leaves the surface of the earth.

Joe and Berla have been rumoured to be dating and studying each other for the past seven months.

Questions have come up in several interviews involving both parties of which they have both denied hooking up but admit to being good friends.

However, sources tell that the celebrities were supposed to walk down the aisle this April but their plans were massacred by the global pandemic.

Don’t be surprised if you see wedding flyers of Joe Mettle and Berla Mundi making rounds on social media in the near future.


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