JUDY ANYANGO, causes stir as she displays her b£droom prowess in latest video


Instagram has landed us with some celebrities who, otherwise ,would have remained unknown, and one of them is Kenyan socialite, known as, Judy Anyango.

Judy is a beauty with a humongous backside, and she flaunts it steadily to entrap her male admirers .

There are so many tw£rk¡ng videos of Judy that someone must have advised her to commercialize it.

And it appears the Kenyan socialite has taken to the advice as she now directs people to click on her bio which links to a website for more longer running videos at a price.

The heavy tundra socialite has been globe-trotting in different countries, especially Dubai and Nigeria, to hawk her ‘h0ney p0t’.

With the outbreak of coronavirus disrupting normal life as people observe social distancing to avoid contracting the virus, flesh peddlers like Judy Anyango have come up with new ways to market their services.

She posted a series of st£amy videos displaying what she is capable of doing in between the sheets.

By just looking at the videos, you can’t tell that she is an experienced flesh peddler….



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