Mahama Should Step Down and Allow Nana to Rule for Four More Years – Shatta Wale


Shatta Wale making shocking, absurd claims is nothing new.

However, we usually expect him to be spewing that garbage in the showbiz sector, but every once in a while he strays and takes his ‘big mouth’ to the political arena.

Speaking on the current coronavirus pandemic, Wale praised Nana Addo’s handling of the crisis, as many have already done.

“[It’s] so marvellous that he can really go down like care about his people…thinking about giving them free this, free that,” Wale said.

“A period like this that he can come out and be supporting us like this- I don’t see any African President doing this apart from him. So I believe we need to clap for him every morning when we wake up. The way people go to church and clap, they need to be clapping for the President like that because he has done so marvellously well”. he added.

But in typical Wale fashion, he took his praise to another level, claiming the other political parties should just withdraw from the upcoming elections and allow Nana another four years in office

“I believe we should call all other political parties and they must come into an agreement to give him (Akufo-Addo) another four years”.

That will be over Mahama’s dead body, I believe


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