Moesha Bodoung Reveals How And Why She Enhance Her Body


Instagram model cum actress, Moesha Bodoung has dived into the reason why she went to enhanced some parts of her body.

You could recall that she has ever denied going for enhancement and the reason for not confirming it was best known to her.

Speaking in an interview on GhoneTV, a shoe dubbed TLS show, the social media influencer admitted to having enhanced her physique.

She explained that she had tried doing it naturally by working out to get the results but she failed and thought it could not be done that way.

According to her, she heard of LipoBBL and did intensive research on it and other methods online to educate herself.

Moesha said after getting the knowledge and knew that people have been doing it then she went straight for it to look good.

She stated that hers is the LipoBBL method where they take fat from any part of your body and put it in your hip and your back.

She also added that she used to work out a lot but wasn’t getting results so the easy to get her fast results was the physique enhancement.


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