‘My Woman’s ‘Distin’ is Too Big’- Young Man Cries Out For Help


A young man has written to popular Facebook influencer and counselor Abena Manokekame asking for help on what to do with his girlfriend who has a big vajayjay.

The unnamed guy said this has affected their sexual life as the lady seems to have no walls in her private part, making the vajayjay look as though it’s one big room. He went on to say he’s the first person to sleep with the girl so it baffles him that she hassuch a situation.

He wrote;


Hi Aunty Abena

This problem is with my girlfriend. Aunty the insides of her pussy is huge it’s as there is no vagina walls in there. Aunty only the lips of her vagina is a little tight but the insides is like someone’s room oo. I like her paa so I’m trying to find away to help her oo if there is any medicine or some thing that will help her and What’s wired is that I’m the first guy she has had sex with so it baffles me so help me. My Kweku too is okay paa.


NB: The photo used in this story is for illustrative purposes only.


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