No Ghanaian Donated To The MoMo Number My Fiancée Put Out When I Was Sick – Actor Waakye


Ailing Ghanaian actor, Waakye has made it emphatic that he did not receive a dime from Ghanaians after his fiancée put out a mobile money number.

The actor in an interview with Joy News’ Doreen Avio that the number was announced after his fiancée was pushed to put out a number which will enable the public to contribute.

Waakye stated that no amount was sent to the number when he was sick. According to him, prayers from the public were more important than money.

“If people are putting mobile money accounts out for me, fine, but I have not received a dime from anybody.

“So, everyone must know that if anyone is receiving money on my behalf, then they are keeping it,” Waakye stated.

AS a reminder, actor Waakye became famous during the popular TV Drama series “Obra” which was shown on GTV and also campaigned vehemently for Akufo Addo in 2016.

But the sad story as we speak is that the actor has been stuck in bed with stroke and is unable to move for the past two years.

Most recently, the health status of actor Waakye got worse and he was rushed to the hospital. Sadly, he was detained at the hospital for days after treatment because of his inability to pay the medical bills.


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