Offset’s Baby Mama Shares Chats Where He Asks For From Her Despite Being Married To Cardi B | +Screenshot


One of hip-hop rapper, Offset’s baby mamas, Shya L’amour has slammed him on social media and at the same time released receipts showing that he asked to have sex with her though he’s married to Cardi B.

Shya, a singer took to her page to share the chats she alleges are from Offset – in the chats, Offset is asking to have sex with Shya “one last time” and the date shows the messages were sent after his marriage to Cardi.

Offset and Shya, real name Nicole Algarin, have aforetime, made news as regards their ongoing child support battles over their daughter, Kalea; whom Shya says Cardi has taken in as her own.

In a previous interview with TMZ, Shya said Cardi has been a positive influence on Offset and he’s grown a lot with her in his life. She also acknowledged that Cardi is kind and treats her daughter, Kalea and Offset’s other children well.

In more recent times, Shya is now blasting Offset for financially cutting her and their daughter off, and coupled the announcements with messages from 2018, which show the Migos rapper begging to smash while married to Cardi B, who was pregnant with Kulture at the time.

“Can I have it one more last time,” the message she claims is from Offset reads.

And Shya replied, telling him that the only reason she will be seeing a married man will be to discuss their daughter.

Shya blasted,

“I was going to refrain from posting but him and his hoe too disrespectful after I’ve been trying to be cordial and empathetic. I found out the same time the world did that they was married and he been cut off since then!!! Stop f***king playing with my name!!!”

Offset is yet to respond to the allegations. See the screenshots she released,


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