Panic in Africa as HIV + white tourist l£aked photos of black women he has slept with


The internet is going crazy after a notorious Caucasian man released photos of over 20 Kenyan ladies that he has sl£pt with.

The randy man, who is identified as Mike Oliver, lures this ladies with his skin colour and little money and they spr£ad l£gs to him in all angles.

Mike Oliver, is said to be doing $£x tourism in Kenya and since he knows that Kenyan ladies easily fall for men with white skin, he has been chewing them like sugarcane.

According to reliable sources, the randy man is infected with the deadly HIV virus.

At the Coast, his randy behaviours are well known and slay queens from the Coast who hang around hotels and beaches looking for white men avoid him like plague, since they know he is infected.

Twitter bigwig, Amerix, who champions for the welfare of men on twitter, has advised men to focus on their goals instead of chasing women, after seeing how Mike Oliver is misusing Kenyan ladies because of his skin colour and probably money.

According to Amerix, women can happily share a man they perceive to be of high value, the same way Kenyan ladies are doing with Mike Oliver, instead of sticking around with simps.

There is a caucasian man called Mike Oliver who has sampled at least 12 Kenyan women. Women will happily share a man they perceive to be of high value than stick around a bottom tier simp. Continue working on your value. Don’t chase girls, chase GOALS.’ he tweeted.

Here are some of the ladies that he has come into contact with.




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