Photos: Checkout Nollywood celebrities who once tried to end their lives due to depression


Celebrities are also human, they feel and have emotion just like any other human. They also get depress and display certain emotions. Below are some celebrities who once tried to end their lives due to depression.

1)Tonto Dikeh

Nollywood star Tonto Dikeh once tried to end her life after her marriage to Churchill ended. The marriage ended after a series of Backlash and accusations from both parties. Tonto Dikeh was said to be depressed and tried to end her own life but because she is a strong woman she enrolled in a depression class to over come it.

2) Ubi Franklin

Ubi Franklin shared a post on his Instagram page where made a shocking revelation that he almost committed suicide between July 2016 and March 2017 when he became very depressed and nearly pushed himself to commit suicide.

3)Tee Billz

After accusing his ex wife Tiwa Savage of Infidelity and neglect, Tee Billz took to his Instagram page making his intention to take his own life known. He made plans to take his life at the Ikoyi Lekki bridge in Lagos. A few of his friends came to his rescue thankfully

4) John Okafor

Mr. Ibu as he is popular called reveled that he wanted to end his life when life got hard in 1997. According to him, He didnt eat for 3 days despite the fact that he was stay with his close friend, His friend one day threw him out of his house even tho he was the one cooking and washing for his friend so he can have a roof over his head. He then decided to end his life by jumping into a well in his friends house but thought of his aged mother and what she will go through if that happens.


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