Popular Instagram blogger finally reveals why Davido allegedly lied about Chioma’s Coronavirus Test result


According to a lady known as Timmie on Social Media, Chioma never had Coronavirus as Davido made us believe. Earlier today, Davido posted on social media handles thanking God for making his soon to be wife chioma come out of Isolation center victorious saying after the treatment she tested negative twice. Some Fans and followers jubilated over the news whiles some also claim they did that just for attention.

Timmie however believe that Davido did that just to trended on social media and he used Chioma just chase clout. Fans are now confused on who to believe. Taking to Twitter she wrote: “Davido is jut a petty clout chaser! Chioma was never positive, man just needed to be on the headlines. What a petty grown up man!!!”


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