Prez Nana Addo please give us one day break so that we can go & ‘chop’ our boyfriends before the lock down continues – Ladies beg | Screenshot


Some women are starving for their men’s d!ck and have petitioned the president to allow them to enjoy a day before the commencement of the new mandatory lock down.

President Nana Addo extended Ghana’s lock down by an extra one-week starting from Monday during his COVID-19 State address.

He added that it is subjected to change.

Also, President Nana explained that the two weeks lock down is already proving to be effective per their observation and that he strongly believes there would be light at the end of the tunnel.

During the Live broadcast, some two ladies recognized as Sista Afia and Hajia Shukuran begged for a day to enjoy themselves with their guys before it becomes late.

See The Screenshots Below:


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