Princess Shyngle loses her baby – Shares sad story in latest video | Watch


The Gambian actress Princess Shyngle who shared her sad life story days ago about her jailed husband and her financial struggles is in pain to her fans not quite long has lost her baby through m¡scarriage.

According to a video on her official YouTube channel, she was seen crying with bloodstains all over her bedsheet.

If you could recall, Princess Shyngle, hardly any days earlier shared her “money related battle” story with her fans and transparently surrendered she is pregnant.

Barely 72 hours after her declaration, she loses her baby through a premature delivery.

“I woke up this morning and there is blood all over my bed. I don’t know what to do” she said in the video while crying.

While some comments under the video she posted said she faked her pregnancy story, the rest of us are feeling sorry for her.

This is not the time to be insensitive but could it be that she faked her pregnancy for her “Discovering Princess Shyngle” series?

WATCH the video here:


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