Stay With Your Broke Guy, Don’t Follow IPhone 12 And Lose Your Life – Young Man Advises Slay Queens


On Tuesday, 10th September, 2019, Apple manufacturers of iPhone released iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max.

Ever since the release, a lot has been said on social media, both funny and serious, but this advice from a young man on Facebook caught our attention.

The facebook user identified as Amg Chervy advised ladies to avoid doing anything at all just to use the latest mobile device in town. Already there are s3x positions in town for ladies who need iPhone 11 and it is not funny at all.

His message which was targeted at slay queens read;

A short massage for our dear lovely sisters in this group who called themselves slay queens.. Pls iPhone 11 is out and I know a lot of ladies will lost their lives for this phone… My lady’s please don’t force any guy to get you this phone, don’t force yourself for it.. We all aware that some ladies lost their lives last year, and most of them was using iPhones, the Game boys ( sakawa guys ) will use this phone to kill many ladies for rituals this year and next year… So please be ok with your Android phone and iPhone 6 and co.. Please your parents didn’t brought you to this earth to be used for rituals… Please don’t be a victim… STAY WITH YOUR BROKE GUY, DON’T FOLLOW IPHONE 11 AND LOST YOUR LIFE… Amg Chervy Quame Lighted
I know a alot of people are going to insult me, but I have done my part for saving souls..


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