Sugar mommy disciplines her cheat lover boy after she caught him with another lady


This young man identified as Fofona Bangali regretted the day he was born when his sugar mommy caught him red-handed with another lady.

Fofona Bangali is a radio presenter at Radio Lake Victoria in Kenya and he was not spared as he was given a fair share of the wrath of his sugar mommy after cheating on her.

The woman as seen in the video that follows launched started assaulting the young man; beating and yelling at him like a toddler.

The aggrieved woman spelled out how she has been of great help to the radio presented yet he cheated on her. She later condemned the young man before boastfully saying no one crosses her.

“You are a dog, I feed you. Nobody jokes with me, I am the grand-daughter of Kinga. This time, you have met your match,” the sugar mommy said while beating him like a kid.

Watch the video below;


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