Terrified Delay Apologizes to Obrafour After Being Sued Over Ayisha Modi’s Comments


There seems to be some fire burning on Delay’s butt at the moment.

The tv show host has come out to apologize to Obrafour over some comments Ayisha Modi passed on her show.

The hype girl known as ‘She Loves Stonebwoy’ claimed that

Obrafour has denied the claim and has sued Ayisha for defamation, but he also added Delay to the suit which is seeking Ghc 800,000 in damages.

The outspoken and fearless presenter in this instance doesn’t want any trouble and has apologized to Obrafour whilst detaching herself from Ayisha’s comments.

Delay, speaking like someone who had been lectured by her lawyers, said she was just an interviewer asking questions and that she does not have any affiliation with nor endorses Modi’s comments.

That’s what happens when you don’t want to go to court and defend yourself for comments someone else made on your show.

Watch Delay’s apology below…



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