Two men who escaped from coronavirus quarantine center arrested drinking beer at a bar.


The coronavirus pandemic has caused many Governments to take drastic measures to ensure the spread is limited.

Two men in Kenya, managed to escaped quarantine but were later arrested in a bar, having beer with dozens of people.

Kenya has implemented a 14 day quarantine period for returnees from abroad, but where they will lodge is a personal cost the government is not taking part of.

about 50 out of 200 people have escaped quarentine because they say they don’t have the money to pay for confinement bills which ranges from $20 – $ 100 a day.

Local police boss Muthuri Mwongera told the BBC that he was waiting for the director of public prosecution’s office to charge the two suspects who had been arrested at a bar in the Roysambu area, north of the city.

“A majority of those who escaped had been arrested around this area before being taken to quarantine and so we know we will arrest more with time,” Mr Mwongera said.


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