Two Slay Queens Caught Stealing From A Shop And Hiding It In Their Dross (Video)


Two ladies, believed to be slay queens, have been caught by CCTV cameras as they stole items from the shop and hid it in their pants.

It appears they have been trying these in other shops and picked their latest victim in a bigger shop this time around but failed to study the premise before carrying out the operation

From the video sighted by, the ladies who seemed to be hungry stole items each and hid them in their panties.

The first lady -fat- who seems to be the ‘Professor’ in the gang, stole an unidentified item and hid it in her dross within 15 seconds.

The second lady who was following orders too greedy, wanted to steal big items. She stole a bottle of drink and after hiding it in her pant felt uneasy, so she had no option than to put it back.

However, they were not caught on the spot judging from the videos. But we believe the viral CCTV footage will enable their faces to be out there as real life criminals.

Watch CCTV Footage Below:


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