Video: “Funny face is disgracing Ghana to the Europeans so advise him to stop his nonsense” – Twene Jonas to Ghanaians


The truth is, it’s difficult for critical thinking Ghanaians to decode what is really wrong with comic actor Funny Face as well as his Baby Mama called Vanessa.

Thus, we don’t know who is really telling the truth of the matter considering their public utterances.

However, more blame has been apportioned to Funny Face comparably to the woman perhaps due to the se.3.x and gender roles of Funny Face.

Now, Twene Jonas, one enlightened Ghanaian youth living in the US, has added his voice to the buzz in town.

According to Twene Jonas, Ghanaians especially those closer the comic actor should do their possible best to put sense in the blockhead of Funny Face to stop his nonsense as he’s disgracing Ghana to the Europeans specifically USA.

He noted that issues about relationships should be solved by the families involved and it shouldn’t be dragged on social media like how Funny Face has been doing.

Enjoy the conversation from below:



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