Video of the painful way Coronavirus test is done pops up online


Undoubtedly, the biggest news all over the world now is the deadly Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Whiles enough has been said on the Coronavirus pandemic, one aspect is still vaguely discussed and practically unknown to most people. That aspect is how the Coronavirus is tested on suspected people

Well, a brave young woman has shared with the world how a Coronavirus test is done for the first time. brings you the known process as shared by the patient.

On the sickbed, a medic inserts a long plastic stick with a small cotton bud on the end into the patient’s nose to take a nasal swab.

The plastic stick is pushed in until it brushes the back of the patient’s throat until the nasal swab is taken.

Because of how uncomfortable the whole procedure is, the patient breaths through his/her mouth since it’s impossible at the moment to breathe through the nostrils.

The brave lady, @PanamaRedin who shared the video describing how painful the whole procedure is said:

“Unbelievable! You can actually feel like they rip your membrane’

Now, watch the video below


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Watch the painful way the Coronavirus test is done

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