When a woman is sincerely in love, the touch of another man irritates her…Criss Waddle


Criss Waddle had shared an interesting idea with all of us that is worth a read and can serve as food for thought.

In a tweet he shared, he gave us reasons why a woman will act in a particular way towards other men if she is really into you and vice versa.

Love is a very strong affection that is characterized by a firm attraction and emotional inclination.

While some women may fall in love at first sight, others may fall in love with you after several attempts but when she eventually does, it pays off.

What every man must concern about is to have a woman who is genuinely in love with him…love that is unwavering and very compromising.

When you get such a woman in your life, your energies are channeled into making other aspects of your life better as you refocused your attention on others.

Criss Waddle who is the CEO of the Arab Money Gang (AMG) is advising that every man must seek genuine love and nothing else.

According to him, when genuine love is found, every other thing falls into place.

Criss Waddle suggests that on thing to look out for to determine whether your woman loves you or not is how she responds to external touches.

If your woman reacts happily and tolerates bodily touches from other men, it is most likely that she is not genuinely into you and maybe flirting around with men.


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