“When are my lips going to touch yours again?” – Funny Face begs Jackie Appiah for a kiss


The lustful desires Funny Face is expressing towards fellow celebrities has taken another turn as he expresses the desire to lock lips with the beautiful Jackie Appiah.

Some few days ago, the sex-starved highly depressed Funny Face was virtually begging actress Tracey Boakye to allow him the chance to enter for just two minutes.

According to him, he is not ‘papa no’ to be giving out favours for the sake of it hence his biggest desire is to sleep with the actress.

src=”https://pbs.twimg.com/media/ElPxSJWXgAAPcXq?format=jpg&name=large” alt=””When are my lips going to touch yours again?” – Funny Face begs Jackie Appiah for a kiss” width=”1242″ height=”1234″ data-lazy-loaded=”1″ />
Funny Face

Fast forward, today, Funny Face, in a tweet, has expressed a very selfish and outrageous desire to kiss Jackie Appiah. Per his analogy, he has kissed Jackie a few times in movies but did not get the kind of feeling he had wanted.

Therefore, he will be pleased to have Jackie Appiah avail herself for a passionate kiss.

I bless da day my lips touched ur lips and we kissed in sweet harmony. according to da ordinance of TRUE LOVE my sweet @jackieappiah pls when will we kiss again or u said only in movies , for real life paaaa di3r ,make I go to Heblews or make I pass by Eccresiaaances

Most of the comments under this tweet by Funny Face are describing him as a very depressed soul who needs therapy urgently.

“How can you be expressing desires to sleep with fellow celebrities? Are you mad?” a comment reads. 


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