White man flogged by fuel attendants for allegedly calling one of them ‘Monkey’ [Video]


A viral video seen by Ghbase.com gives a very unfortunate account of a white man who was flogged by fuel attendants for passing a racist comment.

According to reports, this man referred to one of the fuel attendants as ‘Monkey.’ A comment that was not accepted by these workers who picked rods and sticks and gave him a good beating.

The incident which happened in South Africa at a popular fuel station has received wide viewing by people who are concerned about human dignity and the overall eradication of racism and racial superiority.

This poor white man, who was old enough, was running helter-skelter as the car he came with was been driven away from the premises of the fuel station. The workers were rather motivated to beat the hell out of him for looking down on them.

Although, this white man reacted defensively to the unending beating, it was clearly too much for him to bear. It may clearly change his perception about the Black race and teach him a hard lesson of appreciating and treating all human beings equally.

Watch Video Below



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