Yawa: Lady embarrasses a guy at the mall for stealing her money (Video)


A young lady has disgraced a man at the Accra Mall and videos from the scene are fast going viral on social. The lady accosted the man and forcefully seized his car keys.

The scene attracted many people who were gathered there and they all tried to calm down the situation and deliver the guy from the disgrace.

From what Africanshowbizz has gathered from the witnesses’ narration shared on social media, the guy has defrauded the lady in a business deal after taking huge sums of money from her.

She claims she was loyal to the business arrangements and expected the same thing in return from the guy but she proved not to be so loyal and fled with her money.

It was by luck she met the guy at the Accra mall and demanded her money. It was a terrible scene.

Watch the video below

By the way, the lady in the video has been identified as a rising female artist. She goes by the name Yoma and she has some amazing dope songs out already.


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