“You look like a hippopotamus” – Efia Odo and Sista Afia exchange verbal blows on social media over a body-shaming comment


Socialite Efia Odo and singer Sista Afia are engaging in what looks like a war of words which was borne out of body-shaming comment the former made about the latter.

It all began when a photo was shared on Twitter which was asking people to suggest the name fro a very funny photo which actually resembles Kumawood actress Mercy Asiedu.

The photo looked very funny for various reasons: the size, the caricature shades and the unconventional attire worn and the pose.

Efia Odo did not hesitate to comment that the photo looks or is a replica of Sista Afia.


Sista Afia then replied Efia Odo by telling her to stop fooling since that is what she has come to be known for.


Efia Odo then came to make fun of Sista Afia by subtly laughing at her and telling her that she looks or appears just like an angry hippotamus.


This comment was too savage for Sista Afia to allow to slide. She replied by saying whenever and wherever she meets Efia Odo, it will be a scene since the two will have to battle it out in a Mortal Kombat.


Now, what began as a comical show began to turn a very sour turn when Efia Odo came back to throw a shade at the music career of Sista Afia by saying she should release a hit song if she can and she will reward her by getting her a songwriter.


By now, the two parties know where this was leading them; a complete disaster. Sista Afia replied Efia Odo by telling her that she has a lot of hit songs and she is surprised at the foolery of Efia Odo since it is uncharacteristic of a Friday born to be that dumb.


Efia Odo did not allow that comment of Sista Afia to slide as she replied her by saying she has only one hit song which is ‘Jeje’ thus it will be very great for her sit down and work on getting more viral songs out there.


At this point, Sista Afia had no option than to issue threats to Efia Odo by telling her that she will beat her whenever and wherever they meet. The best thing will be for her to run and hide.


Efia Odo said it will be impossible for the two of them to meet since they belong to separate worlds and do not deal in the same circles. In simple English, Efia Odo is trying to tell Sista Afia that monkeys play by sizes thus it is an illusion for her to think their paths will cross. This is certainly a heavy slap in the face.


Sista Efia then replied that Efia Odo may have been receiving and smoking quack weed which is adversely affecting her train of thinking which has birthed the unthinkable idea that it will be a privilege for Sista Efia to meet her (Efia Odo.


Efia Odo returned with a heavy punch which was straight to Sista Afia. According to her, Sista Afia should stop been obsessed with the idea of meeting her (Efia Odo) and concentrate on making new hit songs since the ones she has made so far are out of date.


Sista Afia, who was short of words, replied by saying she will record a boxing song which will serve as the underlying tune for their impending out. Lol!


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