Your Name Delay Has Delayed Your ‘Marriage’ So Change It – Netizen Advises Delay


Deloris Frimpong Manso who is well-knowns as Delay in our media space has clashed with one stubborn netizen.

It all started when Delay told her fans to ask her any question as she was readily available to answer. Surprisingly, one guy hit Delay with one hard question.

According to the guy, Deloris Frimpong Manso lacks two “special” things in her life although she’s secured the bags – money.

In response, Delay asked the young man to clarify things with her and go straight to the point but he declined, insisting Delay is aware.

This brings us back to the marriage and childbirth cases Delay has always expressed her wish for.

Don’t forget, it’s being rumoured that Delay is struggling to lay hands on a good man to marry which according to this social media user, the choice of her name – DELAY – is the root cause.

Check out the screenshot below



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